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Hey there!

Does your life feel out of alignment with your dreams?

Like you’re stuck in the status quo and going through your days on autopilot?

If you’re craving a more fulfilling & magical life, with less struggle and more ease & flow in your days, then you’re in the right place!

This is where intention and intuition meet. And intention + intuition = magic!

Hi, I’m Valerie. I’m a personal development blogger, holistic life & wellness coach, and Pinterest strategist (I like wearing lots of hats!).

I’m here to help you create a magical life that lights you up . . . by living with intention, connecting with your intuition, and working with the natural rhythms of the Moon and the seasons to make your intentions your reality.

So cozy up with a cup of tea and get ready to make some magic! Keep scrolling to read the blog and explore ways we can connect. I’m so happy you’re here!

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Holistic Life Coaching

Ready to make some magic? My coaching is designed to help you make real progress toward your goals & dreams so you can live life on your own terms.

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Pinterest Management

Want to boost your blog traffic with Pinterest? As a Pinterest strategist for bloggers, I’ll optimize + manage your Pinterest presence, freeing up hours you can spend in your zone of genius.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

I love working with brands that are aligned with my values and philosophies on wellness and lifestyle. I’m always excited to share products I use and love!

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Client Testimonials

head shot of African American woman with short hair

Your workout program has done more for me in 2 weeks than 2 years at my gym!

Angela D.
Austin, TX
African-American woman on street wearing red coat giving testimonial for Valerie Wong Pinterest Management

I’m beyond grateful that I found Valerie to manage my Pinterest account — she has done everything I needed and so much more! She’s doubled my website traffic, understands my brand/audience, has phenomenal communication, an amazing work ethic, and she genuinely cares to see me thrive. Thanks to her, I’ve gained so much time back to focus on other areas of my business. Valerie has a forever client in me because I do not plan to go anywhere!

Ashley Allison
black and white photo of caucasian woman smiling with short dark hair

Valerie’s knowledge and experience in the health field are far-reaching. Every time I talk to her I learn something new about my body and how it works.

Laura Lee Green
Phoenix, AZ
head shot of woman with short dark hair

I would recommend Valerie to anyone who is looking for a fresh start and ready to make your dreams a reality. If you are looking for something life-changing, this is it!

Priscilla J.
Lawrenceville, GA
caucasian woman in wedding dress and veil

I participated in Valerie’s clean eating challenge while getting ready for my wedding — the results were fantastic! I was less tired, had a healthier glow to my hair and skin, no longer felt bloated, and just felt better overall. One of the best things about working with Valerie was her consistent support throughout the challenge. I’m looking forward to building on what we did in the challenge and continuing with a healthy eating plan!

Lynne Jones
United Kingdom
picture of young man drinking a cup of coffee

Valerie is a true Pinterest expert! The attention to detail and the thorough reports are things that you don’t see that often. I really recommend her!

Rodrigo Grania
picture of a young woman's face

Valerie exceeded expectations on all levels. She’s fast, friendly, knowledgeable and went above and beyond what was expected. She also has incredible communication skills. I lucked out and I highly recommend her!

Amy Miller

I have had great success in improving my health and fitness, thanks to Valerie. I’m excited to see the continued progress and unknown possibility.

Dr. Jeanne Martin, MD
Athens, GA

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