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Why You Should Celebrate Your Failures

In this post, you’ll learn how failure can be positive, and why it’s an essential part of the journey to achieving your goals and dreams.

Just hearing the words fail, failing, or failure evokes really negative emotions, right?

Failure is viewed very negatively in our society.

But what if we chose to view failure as something positive?

For the purpose of this article, I’m specifically talking about failures related to your dreams and goals (though what I’m sharing applies to failing at anything).

Anyone who has ever tried something and failed (aka all humans) knows that it’s not a pleasant experience –  especially when it was something really important to you.

It tends to create painful feelings like disappointment and discouragement.

But here’s why you should also feel really good about failing at something related to your goals and dreams . . .

Failing means you’re trying – you’re taking action!

You tried something new in the hopes it would move you in the direction of where you want to be and who you want to become, and that takes courage and commitment.

Failure is really just a form of helpful feedback.

It’s feedback that shows you what doesn’t work, so you can correct course and more quickly find what does work.

You learn something each time you fail, and with each failure, the path to your goals and dreams becomes clearer.

If you’re trying things and failing, it means you’re doing the hard things and not letting fear stop you.

Letting fear stop you from trying or from taking the next step is failing in advance. This is failure without any of the learning, growth, or feedback you get from a legit failure where you tried and failed.

Every great outcome, accomplishment, or invention was preceded by failures.

Another positive is that every time you fail and try again, it builds your resilience and inner strength.

Honestly, failure is one of the best personal development tools out there!

Much of the reward of working towards goals and dreams isn’t the outcome or destination – it’s who you become along the way.

So expect failure when you have big dreams – and embrace it!

Don’t let your failures mean anything bad about you – learn from them, grow from them, and celebrate them!

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