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Why Virgo Season + Summer is the PERFECT time to revamp your wellness routine

The combined energies of Virgo season and Summer make this the perfect time to take care of yourself, start healthy habits, and revamp your wellness routine. If you’re feeling like your health and well-being could use a boost, now’s the time! Read on for some Virgo Summer wellness inspiration!

So much is happening right now . . . we just had the New Moon in Virgo, it’s Virgo season with the Sun in Virgo, it’s our last lunar cycle of Summer, and Autumn is just 3 weeks away!

Let’s unpack that a little bit . . .

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. It’s the time to set intentions for the new lunar cycle (a lunar cycle is slightly shorter than one month).

Summer is the season of high energy that’s focused on making things happen. It’s prime time for taking action toward your goals, which you’ll then (metaphorically) harvest in the fall.

And Virgo has a strong emphasis on your daily habits and your health and well-being.

All this combined makes it an ideal time to revamp your wellness practices.

Have you been exercising inconsistently, eating an unhealthy diet, neglecting your self care, or developed some unhealthy habits? If so, now’s the time to make changes and really put your focus on taking care of yourself.

You’ll have the natural rhythms and energies of the Universe working in your favor, which should give you an extra boost of motivation and inspiration!

What do your body, mind, and spirit need right now for you to feel and be your best?

This will look different for everyone, but to give you an example, here’s how I’m focusing on my health & wellness this virgo season . . .

1) Recommitting to my running practice

Since moving from Georgia (where I had an abundance of beautiful trails to run), my running practice has really fallen by the wayside. I can hardly even call myself a runner anymore, and running used to be a huge part of my life. I may not have natural surface trails nearby, but I’ve got a really nice walking path that loops around the lake across the street from where we live. I’ve already started walking out there every morning to get primed for running there, starting next week.

2) Changing my nighttime routine to help me get to bed on time

As much as I preach about the importance of sleep, it’s kind of embarrassing that I rarely get to bed on time, and then don’t get as much sleep as I really need. So, I’m experimenting with ways to change up my routine at night to help me get to bed when I should.

3) Sitting less and moving more throughout the day

Sitting too much is a really bad habit I’ve picked up in my first year of entrepreneurship. It’s so easy for me to just get in the groove of working and not want to stop. But this is so bad for me! So, I’ve been setting timers, going for walks, and doing stretches and little mini-workouts on my breaks.

I really encourage you to take advantage of this cosmic boost from the Virgo and Summer energies to take care of your health and well-being.

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What will you focus on over the next few weeks? Comment below and let me know!

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