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Why Taking Care of Your Body is a Spiritual Practice

If you’ve ever felt guilty or selfish for spending time or money on physical self care, read on to learn why taking care of your body is actually a spiritual practice.

We tend to think of our physical body as something completely separate from our spiritual selves, but I’d like to offer you a different perspective on this. 

In truth, your body and spirit are divinely interconnected, so taking care of your body is a spiritual practice.

Your Body is the Home of Your Soul

As a spiritual being having a human experience, your body is the home of your soul.

Your body is what makes your Earthwalk, or human experience, possible.

It is what allows you to experience this world in a physical, tangible way.

Without your body, you wouldn’t be able to experience the physical senses.

But thanks to your body, you can pet your cat, enjoy a delicious meal, give someone a hug, listen to birds singing and your favorite music, and see all the beauty here on Earth.

In the busyness of everyday life, we often take our bodies for granted and don’t appreciate all that they do for us.

Back when my coaching practice was more focused on wellness coaching, I would sometimes work with clients who wanted to lose weight.

It was sad seeing how many people had really negative relationships with their bodies, and to hear the critical, sometimes downright mean things they would say about their bodies.

But our bodies, no matter their shape or size, are such a gift that the Divine has given us.

Think of all your body does for you . . . in addition to the physical senses, it gives you the mobility to move and connect physically, to communicate on this earthly plane, and do the work and make the contributions you came here for.

It allows you to have the experiences your soul can only have in human form.

I recognize that our bodies aren’t perfect, and that some of us have bodies with limitations, but even with limitations, the amount of things our bodies do for us is miraculous.

So no matter what the shape of your body is, remember that it is an incredible gift from the Universe.

Please remember this when you’re tempted to treat your body badly or think mean thoughts about it.

Instead, treat and talk to your body the way you would a close friend or someone else you love dearly, even when they haven’t lived up to your expectations.

Your Body is a Powerful Spiritual Compass

Another reason taking care of your body is a spiritual practice is that your body acts as a compass, providing powerful intuitive guidance on your human journey.

We tend to think that our intuition and inner wisdom stem primarily from our minds. But in truth, that’s only a small percentage.

The amount of inner wisdom our bodies possess far outweighs that of our minds.

Animals are very much in tune with this truth, whereas we humans have all but lost this connection with our bodies, especially here in the modern Western world.

When we talk about a “gut instinct,” that isn’t just a phrase — it’s a very real example of how our bodies serve as a spiritual guidance tool.

I can look to my cats for an example of this.

They hear familiar noises all day long and have no reaction. But, if they hear the slightest noise that is unfamiliar and therefore seems like it could mean danger, the hair on their backs immediately stands up.

This happens unconsciously through their inner knowing that something unfamiliar is in their physical world and they need to be alert and on guard.

Similarly, have you ever had “a feeling” about something and gotten goosebumps or the hairs on your arms stood up? This is another example.

Your body compass doesn’t just tell you when you’re in danger, it can also guide you in making aligned choices and taking actions that are in your best interest and highest good.

By taking care of your body, you’re performing the spiritual practice of caring for one of your most important divine tools for keeping you on your aligned path.

What I hope you’ll take away from this message . . .

  • You don’t need to feel guilty for taking care of your body. Whether that looks like getting extra sleep when you need it, going for a massage, taking time to exercise, or spending the extra money on organic foods, this isn’t a selfish act – it’s a spiritual one.
  • If you’ve been neglecting your body or struggling to get your body to its healthiest weight, I hope this shift in perspective will bring some added positive motivation and help you approach this from a place of self love and respect.
  • Loving your body, feeling gratitude for it, and having a healthy relationship with it is a way of honoring this incredible gift you’ve been given from the Universe.
  • If you’re consumed with negative thoughts and feelings about your body, it takes away from your ability to carry out your purpose and fully embrace the joy of your Earthwalk. Having a healthy relationship with your body helps you have a better human experience.

In closing, taking care of your body isn’t selfish, it isn’t vain, and it isn’t un-spiritual (not sure if that’s even a word, but I’m going with it).

Taking care of your body is a sacred privilege and a way of honoring both the Divine and your human experience.

So care for, enjoy, and love your body wholeheartedly as part of your spiritual practice! 💜

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