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Liver Rescue 3:6:9 — My experience plus helpful tips for a successful cleanse

If you’re considering doing the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 cleanse, be sure to read this post before you start! I’ll tell you about my experience completing the cleanse, plus give you practical tips to make it easier, save you time, and set you up for success with the Liver Rescue 3:6:9.

(Note:  This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.)

I recently completed the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 cleanse by the Medical Medium, and was blown away by how good I felt afterward. And while it’s not easy, it turned out to be not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

In this post, I’m sharing what my experience was like, practical tips to help you through it, and a free toolkit to make it so much easier and less time-consuming for you (I wish I’d had these when I did it!).

These resources are meant to be a supplement to the Medical Medium Liver Rescue book. You’ll still need the book for the complete protocol and recipes (get it here).

what is the liver rescue 3:6:9 cleanse?

Liver Rescue 3:6:9 is a gentle cleanse developed by Anthony William. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s known as the Medical Medium for his ability to converse with Spirit for divine guidance about how to read people’s health conditions and help them heal.

Now that may sound pretty far out if you’re not a believer in this sort of thing like I am. But, before you write it off as crazy or too “woo woo” for you, consider this . . .

  • He’s been called in as a consultant to help doctors with their most difficult cases
  • He’s worked with a number of celebrities and professional athletes
  • His work has been endorsed by well-known and trusted medical doctors like Dr. Alejandro Unger and Dr. Christiane Northrup, who wrote the foreword for Medical Medium Liver Rescue

According to Medical Medium Liver Rescue, caring for our liver is one of the most important things we can do for our health because nearly every health condition or challenge (physical, mental, and emotional) originates from an overloaded liver.

And apparently just about everyone these days has a stressed and overloaded liver — including me! So even if you live a healthy lifestyle, your liver’s probably not functioning at peak performance and could use a little TLC — which is what the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 cleanse is all about!

If you’d like to do the Liver Rescue with a supportive group + the guidance of a health coach, join the wait list for my Love Your Liver program!

why i decided to do the liver rescue 3:6:9

As a wellness coach, I’ve never been a big proponent of restrictive cleanses. My approach (for myself and my clients) has always been based in clean eating and moderation. So, doing this cleanse was by far the most intense type of program I’ve done.

I decided to do the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 at the urging of my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner. With a body scan, she was able to tell that my liver is overloaded and not functioning optimally, and probably contributing to my symptoms of brain fog, hormone imbalance, and low energy.

I resisted doing it for a few weeks because I just really love to eat. And I think the stubborn aspect of my Taurus nature just doesn’t like being told what to do — especially when it comes to eating! I was also pretty skeptical about whether it would really help me since I already eat a pretty healthy diet.

But, once I got back from my trip to St. Augustine, where I definitely overindulged, I was feeling pretty rough and ready to clean up my diet.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy (or fun). But it also wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And I’m REALLY glad I did it.

Below I’ll share my experience with the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 to give you an idea of what you might expect, and also some tips to make it easier and less time-consuming for you.


The Liver Rescue is divided into 3 phases that each last 3 days, called The 3, The 6, and The 9. Each phase gets progressively more restrictive in terms of what you’re supposed to eat.

Below I’ll describe my experience with the Liver Rescue 3:6:9. It’ll be different for everyone, but I think it still helps to hear about someone else’s experience to get an idea of what you might expect.

I’ll start out by addressing what may be one of your biggest fears around doing the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 (it was mine for sure) — will you be hungry during the cleanse? I honestly never felt hungry during this cleanse. Seriously. Not even on the very last day when you’re basically only having juice.


You’ll be eating vegan and low-fat for most of this cleanse. The vegan part wasn’t hard for me, but I was really missing fat (I never realized how much I love fat). There wasn’t anything I had to eat that I flat-out disliked, though there were a few things I didn’t necessarily enjoy and was really tired of by the end.

I came to really look forward to my Liver Rescue Smoothie every morning, as well as my applesauce and dates in the afternoon (trust me, you’re gonna have a new appreciation for applesauce after this cleanse!).


Days 1-3 are the easiest because you have a lot more flexibility in what you can eat. And because it wasn’t that much different than how I normally eat, these days weren’t bad for me at all. The hardest part for me on days 1-3 was giving up my morning cashew cream latte, which is something I really look forward to every morning.

Despite the fact that I didn’t make any huge changes to my diet, I was surprised that I had a mild headache all 3 days (and I never get headaches). Other than that, I didn’t notice much difference in how I felt.


Days 4-6 were more restrictive and more challenging for me. I continued to have a mild headache on and off for all three days.

On Day 4, I woke up feeling really tired and did not want to get out of bed, which is unusual for me since I’m a total morning person. I felt kind of foggy throughout the day and my energy was really low. Around mid-day I got so sleepy that I (literally) could hardly keep my eyes open. I actually dozed off in front of my computer a couple of times. It wore off, but I thought I was gonna have to stop working and take a nap (I probably should have). All day I felt a little off, kind of irritable and down. Also, I had a bit of an upset stomach (not sure if it was from the cleanse or a new supplement my practitioner had just put me on).

Day 5 was better. I still woke up feeling really tired, had a mild headache part of the day (though not as bad as the past days), and a mild upset stomach again. But my mood was much better and I felt more energized.

I’ll tell you that by the end of the fifth day, I was REALLY getting tired of that detox salad. And I like salad normally, but I was completely over it by this time. Next time, I’d buy a few different types of greens to eat in my salad so I could mix it up and have more variety.

Even though I never felt hungry, I think the food restriction was starting to get to me by Day 5 . . . that night, I dreamed that I forgot I was on the cleanse, ate some biscuits and gravy, and then had to start over at Day 1. No joke. I woke up totally distraught until I realized it was just a dream. More like a nightmare! But those dream biscuits and gravy were so good. 🙂

Day 6 was the last day of The 6, and it was actually easier than the previous two days. I still woke up super tired and not wanting to get out of bed, and still had a mild headache part of the day. But otherwise I felt really good and my energy was up. I was also ecstatic to be eating my last Liver Rescue salad of the cleanse!

tHE 9

The first two phases are about preparing your body for the cleanse, and the final phase, The 9, is where the actual cleansing takes place.

These final 3 days are, of course, the most restrictive, with the last day being basically only juice. I really expected these days to be the hardest and thought I would be super hungry, irritable, and have no energy.

Surprisingly, basically the opposite was true! I continued to feel no hunger (even on the last day, which is downright bizarre), my energy was good, and my mood was great — even on Day 9. My head felt crystal clear and I felt so light and peaceful, if that makes any kind of sense. It’s hard to describe, but I just felt really good. Like better than I have in a long time.

In addition to those results, I noticed that I was breathing much easier. I seem to have chronic inflammation in my nasal passages and feel like I’m never getting all the air I should be when I breathe (I always thought it was just outdoor allergies). But by The 9, I noticed that this was completely gone and my breathing was so much better!

I was pretty bloated throughout most of the cleanse, but by Day 9 my bloat was completely gone and my stomach was flatter than I’ve seen it in a long time.

Weight loss wasn’t a goal or intended result of doing the Liver Rescue 3:6:9, but out of curiosity I decided to weigh myself before and after. I was down 3 pounds after the last day.

I was pretty amazed by how great I felt at the end of the cleanse and beyond. Later in the post, I’ll talk about some of the practices I’m continuing after the cleanse. But for now, I want to share some practical and really helpful tips to help you be successful with the cleanse and make it as easy as possible on you.

If you’d like to do the Liver Rescue with a supportive group + the guidance of a health coach, join the wait list for my Love Your Liver program!

things to know & do before you start THE LIVER RESCUE 3:6:9

I won’t lie — this cleanse isn’t easy, it takes a lot of prep work, it’s kind of expensive, and it’s very time-consuming. That’s just the honest truth.

But now that I’ve done it, I can honestly say it’s 100% worth the time, money, and energy I put into it.

To help you out, here are things I discovered along the way that will make the cleanse easier on you and less time-consuming.

Get the book well in advance of starting

You don’t have to read the whole book before starting the Liver Rescue 3:6:9, but you’ll need it for the cleanse instructions and the recipes. I initially was planning to just check it out from the library, but not only was every copy checked out, there was also a long waiting list for it! Apparently lots of people are doing the Liver Rescue 3:6:9! So if you find that the library isn’t an option, you can get it here on Amazon.

decide whether you’ll buy your juices or prep your own

You’ll be drinking a lot of juice on this cleanse, especially celery juice. It’s not like you can run down to Publix and stock up on celery juice, so if you don’t have a good juicer on hand, you’ll need to either (a) find a local juice bar where you can get your juice daily, (b) borrow a juicer, or (c) buy a juicer.

If you decide to use a local juice bar, call ahead of time and make sure they can prepare the kinds of juices you’ll need for the cleanse. I discovered that some juice bars don’t make their juices on location, so they can’t custom make a juice for you. Also make sure they’re open 7 days a week, since you’ll need to go everyday for fresh juice.

It’s pretty expensive to buy a bunch of juice everyday, and there’s the added time and inconvenience of having to go get it if you don’t have a juice bar close by, so I opted to buy a juicer. I honestly never thought I’d be buying a juicer! If I’m being 100% honest, I always thought juicing was kind of stupid. But now I’m getting into it and glad I bought the juicer.

If you decide to buy a juicer, make sure you can get it in advance of when you start your cleanse. You’ll want time to learn how to use it and experiment with it to make sure it does everything you need it to do.

I knew nothing about juicers before this, so I spent HOURS researching juicers . . . cold press (aka masticating) versus centrifugal . . . comparing brands . . . reading and watching reviews . . . comparing prices.

Here’s what I learned in a nutshell . . . (a) cold press/masticating are the best because they don’t heat the juice like the centrifugal juicer does, therefore preserving more of the nutrients and (b) cold press juicers are significantly more expensive than centrifugal juicers.

Price was a big concern for me because this just wasn’t something I was prepared to invest a lot of money in, not being sure if I would ever use it again after this cleanse (I’m happy to report that I have continued using it after the cleanse and so I’m glad I made the investment).

But I also really wanted a cold press juicer because if I was gonna go through the trouble of a cleanse, I wanted to be sure I was getting the most I possibly could out of it!

Good news — I was able to find a very reasonably priced cold press juicer that did everything I needed it to and was significantly less expensive than even many of the centrifugal juicers. It’s easy to use, surprisingly quiet, easy to clean, and doesn’t take up too much counter space. I think it’s a great juicer for beginners like me and I’ve been super happy with it. You can check it out here.


I tried to do this but failed because I couldn’t tell from the book how much I needed of each item — definitely one of the shortcomings of the Liver Rescue book.

So, I can tell you from experience that the last thing you want is to have to venture out to the grocery store for supplies mid-cleanse and be tempted by a bunch of yummy looking food. (And suddenly even the most mundane of foods will look incredibly tempting . . . mmmmm . . . sliced bread). Seriously, it was that bad. And you might even find yourself buying treats to have after the cleanse has ended. Not that I did this, mind you, but I’m just saying it could happen. Okay, I did this. Luckily I was in my local natural foods store, so I couldn’t get anything that was TOO bad for me. And it did give me something to look forward to post-cleanse. 🙂

This is why I made a handy Liver Rescue 3:6:9 grocery list for you, so you can be sure you have everything you need ahead of time!

One thing you’ll need that I couldn’t find at Whole Foods or my local natural food stores is pitaya powder (I got this one from Amazon and was really happy with it).


Like I said, this cleanse is pretty time-consuming, so you definitely want to do it during a slower time. You won’t be able to eat out after Day 3, so keep that in mind when you’re planning. Likewise, plan it out so that the last 3 days of the cleanse (which are the hardest) will fall on your easiest days. For most people, this will be the weekend. I started on a Saturday and ended on a Sunday. This worked well for me, but next time I might consider starting on a Friday and ending on a Saturday. That way I’d have Sunday to start transitioning back to eating normally before the rush of the work week on Monday.


You’ll be blending some of your meals and you’re gonna want a quality high-powered blender for this. This is the VitaMix I own, which I’ve had for years and still works great. Costco also has good deals on them.


This is going to be especially important if you work outside of your home. I work from home so I had more flexibility, but this is gonna be critical if you have to go somewhere else to work. And even working from home, I wished I’d done a lot of the prep work ahead of time, because it was pretty disruptive to my day and a huge time suck. Even if the only prep you did was washing all the celery ahead of time, you honestly would save yourself hours during the cleanse itself. Seriously. Celery has a lot of dirt in it, so cleaning it is really time-consuming!


You don’t want any added stress on your body while it’s doing an intensive cleanse like this. There’s also a good chance your energy will be low during the cleanse. Plan on doing light movement like walking or gentle yoga.

Following these steps for the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 will save you a ton of time, make the protocol easier on you, and set you up for a successful cleanse!


I could tell such a difference in how I felt from doing the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 — physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was pretty amazing.

Of course, this type of program isn’t sustainable long-term (at least not for me — I love food too much). But, there are aspects of the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 that I’m continuing after the cleanse . . .

  1. I’m drinking celery juice at least once a week. I plan to get to the point of drinking it daily, but I needed a little break from celery juice since I’m not a huge fan and it’s kind of expensive to buy that much celery!
  2. I’m cutting back on gluten, eggs, and corn. I haven’t completely eliminated these foods from my diet, but I’m avoiding these during the week for the most part, and then I let myself splurge on the weekends if there’s something I want.
  3. I’m cutting back on fats. Healthy sources of fat are good for us and I still eat them, but I’ve learned from the Liver Rescue that too much of it, even the healthy fats, is really hard on our livers. So, I’m being more mindful about how much fat I’m eating.
  4. I’m still drinking my morning lemon water as soon as I get up. Then I wait 20-30 minutes before having my morning cashew cream latte (which I just haven’t been able to bring myself to give up). But, I’m looking into making homemade oat milk to replace the cashew cream since it has less fat (and it’s best to avoid fats till lunch time). I haven’t found a recipe that floats my boat yet, but I’m working on it!
  5. I’m eating less. Doing the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 made me realize that I eat way more than I actually need. I’m not doing any crazy calorie restriction or anything like that. I’m just being more mindful of how much I truly need to eat versus how much I’m actually eating.
  6. I’m still eating applesauce or apples almost everyday (some days I forget). Honestly, I’d forgotten how good applesauce is — and who knew it’s so amazingly good for you?! Well, I guess the person who said an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Which apparently is true!
  7. I’m actively adding to my diet more of the foods he recommends in the Medical Medium Life Changing Foods book. I’ve always been a healthy eater and I already regularly eat many of the foods in this book, but now I’m being more intentional about being aware of the health benefits of these foods and eating them more consistently.

Don’t get me wrong . . . I’m still very much a foodie and into enjoying all the experiences and flavors that the culinary world has to offer. I’m just being more mindful about avoiding the unhealthy foods and adding in more of the healthy ones in between our foodie excursions.

final thoughts

If you’re struggling with any type of health condition or just want to feel better in general, I highly recommend giving the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 a try (after consulting with your healthcare provider, of course).

It’s true that it’s not easy, but honestly it wasn’t nearly as hard to get through as I anticipated. And like I said, the results made any feelings of discomfort or deprivation (mainly in the form of food boredom for me), totally worth it.

Have you completed the Liver Rescue 3:6:9? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience and any tips you have — please share in the comments below!

And if you found this helpful, please be sure to share it on Pinterest so others can find it. Thanks!

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  1. I’m on day 7 and so excited about evening potato/squash! Less excited about cold, spinach soup over cucumber. Days 3-6 were hard and i had a hard time getting all that salad to go down (and the apples!). My favorite meal is the morning smoothie, which i did before cleanse. I have not been able to get cucumber juice for day 9 (Whole Foods was out and don’t know when they’ll get it back in), so i may have to improvise with a green juice that has cucumber in it….i’ll keep trying to score some. My primary complaint is that not all the food is easy to come by during COVID challenges. And i realized how much my life was focused on food for joy! But i have this condition called igG4RD which was flaring….a liver reboot was needed (I already know i experience methylation and detox problems) and my symptoms have gone silent for now. I plan to incorporate some of his principles into my diet plan post cleanse: less fat and none until noon meal; no gluten, dairy, pork….eggs are more challenging but will limit. hopefully that will prevent the need to do this frequently!

    1. Hi Suzanne! I apologize for the slow reply; I’ve been away for a few days for the passing of my grandmother. It was great hearing about your experience with the cleanse. I remember being so excited about that potato on Day 7! 🤣 By now I’m sure you’ve successfully completed it and are likely feeling amazing! Congratulations on making it through this challenging cleanse. Thanks again for sharing your experience. I wish you all the best going forward! 💜

  2. So, sorry this is my second posting but something that’s been bothering me and there’s no way to reach out to Anthony to ask the question. I wanted to get your opinion. At night I take a gabapentin and I use Ambien to sleep. Now I know these drugs affect the liver but if I give them up during this cleanse I will be a basket case. In his books he says to get the advice of your doctor because he Doesn’t want to touch the medication issue I’m sure. Do you have any thoughts about this or know anyone who has continued with their medication’s on the cleanse? I’m really concerned about it with concern that the cleanse won’t work mostly. Thank you for any information. It’s been a burning question.

    1. Hi Elaine, I’m just seeing your post and can tell this is something you’re very concerned about. It’s outside my scope of practice as a wellness and life coach to advise about medications, but I would encourage you to talk with your healthcare provider and also to trust your intuition. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about not taking your medications, trust yourself on that. I personally think that any steps people can take in alignment with the 3-6-9 principles can be beneficial. Wishing you all the best!

  3. Even though clearly you are wanting to make money I appreciate the format and your honesty about this cleanse. I’m about to embark on it and I keep hesitating because I know it’s going to be so food specific. I’ve been eating the medical medium way for over two months now but I haven’t been regimented like I would be on the 369 but I really need to do it because I have chronic pain which is off the chart and a number of other health issues. But your website, like so many others, wasn’t cheesy or unrealistic. It was a pleasure reading it and signing up for a few things. I would really like the support so I put myself on the waitlist. Thank you

  4. Hi Valerie!

    Your post is inspiring! I just finished Day 1 and I have a concern. The book mentions that we should drink 16 oz of melon water and a cup of hibiscus/lemon balm/chaga tea 1 hour before going to bed. This was crazy! It kept me up til 2AM for urinating. I knew from the start that drinking that much water was a bad idea but I still gave it a try. Did you follow the guide to drink lemon water and tea 1 hour before bedtime? How was your experience? I really would love to know. Thank you!

    P.s: I guess I will drink them 3 hours before bed next time

    1. Hi Orchid! Thanks for the positive feedback! As for your question, I did actually drink the lemon water and lemon balm tea an hour before bedtime. I was already used to drinking herbal tea before bed, so I had that working in my favor, but the extra lemon water definitely ensured I was getting up every night to go to the bathroom. He says in the book that even if you have to get up a few times in the night, the extra hydration is worth it. So . . . I would try to stick to it if you can. But, I understand that you also have to get some sleep! So, ultimately you’ll have to decide what you can live with for the next 8 days. Sorry I don’t have a more definite answer for you. Keep up the great work and good luck with the cleanse — I’d love to hear how it goes for you! 🙂

  5. The liver rescue smoothie recipe says this makes 1 – 2 servings. But Anthony never tells us how many ounces one needs to drink for the 3:6:9 cleanse? Do you know how much is necessary? I’m in the middle of the cleanse right now.


    1. Hi Jackie! Based on what I’ve read in the Liver Rescue book, he says to eat as much as you need to feel full and satisfied, but not so much that you feel uncomfortably full. I think if you can drink at least half of what it makes, that’s probably ideal, but listen to your body. I hope that helps. Good luck with the cleanse!

        1. Honestly, it would vary from day to day depending on how hungry I was that morning, but I’m pretty sure I never finished a full one! Half to 3/4 of the recipe was usually the right amount to fill me up.

  6. Thanks, I’m on day 7, pre prepped my soup last night. I have not been able to eat all this, I’m full for first time in a long time!I I’ve even lost weight, so bloated before this cleans. I’ve tried other cleaners but have food sensitivities and was so I’ll had to stop after one day!

  7. I just like the valuable info you provide to your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your blog and take a look at once more here regularly.
    I’m reasonably sure I will learn many new stuff
    proper here! Best of luck for the following!

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for your guidance with this cleanse. I am on day 6 and preparing for tomorrow. Day 7 dinner is confusing to me. In the table it says squash, sweet potatoes, or potatoes with asparagus &/or brussel sprouts. On of 349 it says potatoes, sweet potatoes or squash with asparagus &/or brussel spouts. I’m just confused as to what My two food combo options are. It seems everything works together on this cleanse. Also, I saw in another comment that this was a no salt diet?!? I have been adding A little bit of either sea salt or Himalayan salt to those giant salads. Have I messed up? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Betsy! It’s my understanding that on Day 7, you’ll choose from either potatoes, sweet potatoes, or squash AND you’ll choose either aspragus or Brussels sprouts (or you can have both asparagus and Brussels sprouts). So, you’ll have one choice from the potatoes/squash plus asparagus or Brussels sprouts (or both). As for salt, I believe the food is supposed to be eaten without salt. But, salt is allowed in the orange vinaigrette for the Liver Rescue salads, so while I’m not an expert, I feel like you haven’t “undone” the benefits of the cleanse by having a little Himalayan salt. To be honest, I added a little salt to some of my food while on the cleanse and still had amazing results. (Again, this is my opinion only and it may differ the answer the Medical Medium would give to this question.) I hope this helped! Wishing you all the best with The 9 — I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

  9. Hi Valerie,

    I’m now on day 3 and I have to admit, feeling really tired. Have trouble getting around and doing little things. I also feel light headed and a bit of anxiety. Thank God, I don’t drink coffee. At least i don’t have withdrawls. I decided to start the cleanse since i am always bloated and feel like I always have eaten too much even if i eat normal portions. 97% vegan. Very rarely meat. But missing the sugar and salt. Apart from that, I just hope, I’ll get through my on-road testing for my motorcycle license in 2 days. Hoping i’ll be more awake and not feel as light headed as i do now. Don’t think it would make a good impression on the day of the road test, if i fall asleep at the stop sign!!! hahahhaha It’s all for the best. 6 days to go. Have a great day! Claudine

    1. Hi Claudine, wishing you the best of luck with the cleanse — and your motorcycle license test!! Hang in there — it’s tough, but I found it to be so worth it. 🙂

  10. Day 6 on my cleanse and doing well . First 3 days were hard due to caffeine withdrawals and headache that I was having from not drinking my usual cup of coffee . I also felt tired and sluggish for the first 2 days.
    I’m doing the original 369 , so Days 3-6 Include lots of raw salads which I’ve tried to even blend to drink them down 🙂
    I really enjoy the smoothies and fruits in the mornings and have been feeling full all the time, so I cut down the portion sizes a bit. The cleanse is not very hard, but requires lots a planning, patience and several trips to farmers market. Also most of the recipes are delicious.
    I have mostly missed coffee, glass of vine and ice cream, but I’ve decided not to have any of them, even after the cleanse. We’ll see .
    I’m personally doing the cleanse due to digestive issues and to detox the liver and happy to say that I’m seeing some result already.

    1. Hi Tiina! It sounds like you’re doing awesome — way to go! For me, Days 3-6 were the hardest, so you might find that it gets easier these last 3 days. You’re so right about the planning and patience. I hope the toolkit was helpful in preparing! I’m really glad to hear that you’re already benefiting from the cleanse, and I bet you’ll see even greater benefits by the end. If you’re able to cut out the coffee, wine, and ice cream after the cleanse, that would be amazing! I wish I could say I have, but I do enjoy all of those on occasion (thought not nearly as much as I did before the cleanse!). Keep up the good work! 🙂

  11. I’m on day 2. I’m not feeling hungry but I do feel tired. Like yourself I love a latte but am surviving (only day 2)
    I bought my groceries to last for a few days and on day 5 I will top up.
    I’ll come back and let you know how I’ve done… thanks for sharing your experience ☺️

    1. Awesome! Keep up the good work, Sandra — you can do it! I’ll look forward to hearing how it’s going for you. 🙂

  12. You probably head a headache because yiu stopped having your latte. Caffeine does that when you stop. It is a drug after all!

  13. P.S. For those without a juicer, you can blend using a high-power blender (like a Vitamix), then strain through a nut milk bag to get the juice and squeeze it. It’s a bit of a hand workout, but that’s an old school workaround if you don’t have a juicer.

    Just finishing the 369 cleanse for the 2nd time (Day 9 is tomorrow). No headaches this time, thank goodness (had two last time, night 3 and night 6, I think, both intense and all night but they did go away on their own which was awesome). I feel the cleanse is very beneficial, I like how I sleep deeply on it, and some fat loss, peacefulness, enough to where I’m willing to do the work and deal with annoyances like mood dips, minir stuff. Enjoyed your info, related to much of it! Especially the self-awareness of how much I want fat even though I know I don’t need it as I’m not hungry and it slows my healing. 😊

    1. Hi Gin, thanks so much for that brilliant tip about using the Vitamix if you don’t have a juicer!! And congrats on finishing your second 3-6-9! I totally agree with you about the benefits outweighing the hard parts. That sense of peacefulness I had at the end was probably the best part about it for me. Thanks for sharing your experience! 💜

  14. HI
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Quick question (just got the book so maybe the answer is right in front of me) Is there no coffee at all during cleanse? LOL I have 1 year old twins and a 5 year old sooooooo . ..


    1. Hi Sheri! Based on my understanding, it’s okay to drink coffee on Days 1-3, as long as there’s no fat added, like cream or nut milk. But unfortunately, no coffee at all for Days 4-9. It sounds like you’ve got your hands full there — sending positive vibes your way! You can do it!! 🙂

  15. Hello!

    I am so grateful I found your blog it helped me so much to get started and get an idea of what to expect.

    I just finished my dinner for day 8 and I cannot wait to finish this cleanse. I hope day 9 is as positive as yours because I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable right now.

    Now that we got the whining out of the way 😉 I am actually seeing so many positive results which keep me going through this salt-less diet (I had no idea I loved salt so much!).

    I started the cleanse because I had gastritis, GERD, and my weight was at a plateau. I felt so bloated no matter how much I worked out of how healthy I ate nothing seemed to work.

    Even though my main goal was to restore my health. Losing weight was a secondary goal, and man it worked! So far I’ve lost 7 lbs! I am actually very surprised and I feel so much lighter inside too which makes me so proud.
    For all of you who finished the cleanse you’re a freaking rockstar! This has been the most challenging cleanse I’ve done but I feel that much more in control of my life because of it! Even the days I wanted to give up I would remind myself why I was doing it. I have found a new found respect for myself for sticking to my word and prioritizing my health.

    Wishing everyone great healing vibes. Thank you again for sharing your story.

    1. Hi Gaby! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for the encouragement you’re giving others who are going through or considering the Liver Rescue. I hope Day 9 was a positive experience for you, and that the transition off the cleanse is going well. I’d love to hear how it went for you. Congrats on completing it and for making your health a top priority — you must feel so proud! Best wishes for continued health and wellness. Sending positive vibes your way!

  16. Hi Valerie! I actually just started the liver rescue & I’m on Day 2 now. However, I accidentally splashed some olive oil in my salad for lunch. I forgot Anthony mentions to avoid radical fats until dinner. Total FAIL, lol. I avoided oil for dinner, but had half an avocado. Not sure if I should repeat the days 1-3 now. Any thoughts? Also, thanks for sharing your experience! It’s super helpful!

    1. Hi and congrats on starting the Liver Rescue! Haha . . . old habits die hard, right? 😉 I’m not an expert, but based on my experience and understanding of the Liver Rescue, I think it’s probably not a huge setback that you had a little olive oil before dinner just that one time. If you wanted to be super careful about it, you could start over. But, if that’s your only misstep during The 3, I personally would keep going and just be extra vigilant going forward and follow the program to the letter — especially for Days 4-9. Thanks for the positive feedback on my post — I’m really glad it was helpful. Good luck with the cleanse! 🙂

      1. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as well, since it was just a minor setback in the beginning. Thanks for your thoughts! I already feel much better!

        1. You’re welcome! I hope it’s going well for you and you have a great experience with it. 🙂

    1. Hi Lee, great question! Unfortunately,there’s no way I know of to make juice with a smoothie maker/blender. The juices are an important component of the Liver Rescue 3-6-9, and I do think it’s important to follow the cleanse exactly as it’s laid out in the book to get the full benefit. However, if it’s a question of whether to do the cleanse and make modifications using a blender versus not doing the cleanse at all, I think (and this is strictly just my personal opinion) it would be better to do it with modifications rather than not doing it at all. I’m sure you won’t get the complete benefits doing it this way, but I feel like you would still benefit. Have you looked into buying juices from a juice shop instead of investing in a juicer? Here in the U.S., sometimes our natural grocery stores have a juice bar, so that may be an option as well. Best wishes with whatever you decide!

  17. Hi Valerie!

    I appreciate the thoughtfulness and honesty of your post. I’m preparing to do the 3:6:9 cleanse and was unable to get Maradol Papayas. I’ve been reading Liver Rescue and looking online to see about substituting Mango for the papaya. I’m Wondering if you have come across anything! Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna!

      I’m so sorry I didn’t see this sooner! Unfortunately I don’t have a definitive answer for you on the papaya. This wasn’t an issue for me because I don’t like papaya, so I used the versions that didn’t call for it. 😉 I believe in sticking as closely to the protocol as possible, so if you can find regular papaya, that is probably your best substitute. Otherwise, you may want to do like I did and go with one of the options that doesn’t require it. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but wishing you the best of luck with it!

  18. I’m on day nine today, and was just lamenting not being able to comisserate with anyone about this process. Your post might just be the last little push I needed to cross the finish line. This has definitely been the most challenging cleanse I’ve ever done. Once transitioning from the cleanse back to a (more or less) ‘normal’ diet, I can’t help but think about that poor pizza, out there somewhere on the horizon, who sits waiting, with no idea of how badly I’m going to absolutely murder it.

    1. I’m so glad you found the post helpful, and congrats on completing the cleanse!! Haha…pizza beware! 🙂

  19. I did a 3/6/9 back in August but the hardest part for me was trying to figure out on 4-6 days – do I east all that salad at once ? Like is the 5 cups of lettuce and all the additives all one meal??

    1. Hi Lori! Days 4-6 were the hardest for me, so I can sympathize! I can tell you that I didn’t eat the entire amount of salad on those days; I ate as much as I could but stopped when I was full. I’m not sure if this is his intention, but my sense is that it’s better to stay on the schedule and space your meals out the way they’re laid out in the guidelines, and just eat less if you’re not able to finish the salad (rather than trying to finish it throughout the day). I know there are some instances where certain foods in the protocol need to work together, so it could be that eating the salad at other times of the day might throw that off. Everyone’s different, but I can tell you that even though I didn’t always eat the full amount of the salad everyday, I still felt amazing after the cleanse. Hope that helps — good luck with it! 🙂

  20. Hello,

    Im on day 5 today and noticed that i lost about 5 lbs. I am already super skinny and although i want to eat meat, I have to stick to this. I don’t know if I can make it all the way to day 9. I feel like i need to keep my weight up and my body wants to eat a pepperoni pizza. I don’t know what to do. If I stop now, Can I eat whatever I want? Im confused.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry I’m just seeing your message! If you’re worried that you’re losing too much weight, I would definitely recommend consulting with your doctor about whether it’s safe for you to continue — safety first! It may be that you’re not eating enough. You can eat as much of the foods as you want that are included in the protocol, so eating more may help. Also, are you exercising during the cleanse? The Medical Medium recommends not doing strenuous exercise during the Liver Rescue so that you aren’t putting extra stress on your body. Based on my experience, I recommend only doing gentle yoga or light walking as exercise during the program. If you do decide to go off the cleanse early, a good way to transition back to your regular diet might be to follow the guidelines provided for Days 1-3 for a couple of days, and then gradually start adding back in the fats and other foods that aren’t allowed during the cleanse. I hope this helps – best wishes to you!

    1. Hi, and apologies for the delayed response. When I first finished the cleanse, I wanted to ease back into “regular” eating, so I ate almost entirely plant-based the week following the cleanse. I added more fresh juice to my diet (which I still do), and I limited my fat intake, especially in the morning (though I did begin drinking coffee with cashew cream again after the cleanse was over). Normally, I eat a “plant-forward” diet. I generally avoid beef and pork, but I eat fish and seafood, and some chicken. I’ve switched from coffee to tea in the morning, which I don’t put any type of creamer in, so now most mornings I don’t eat any fat until lunch. I hope this helps! Feel free to post any follow-up questions here and I’m happy to try to answer them.

      I have a recipe book of liver-friendly recipes I created to use during the first 3 days of the cleanse — they also work really well for transitioning after the cleanse. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can get more details about it here.

      1. Thank you so much, I forgot about my post
        Im woried. I ate AIP for weeks and loved it!!! (its kind of paleo but for me without red meet and not so much.
        Since this illness (which is uncurable) I went temporary to kind of MM eating for 5 weeks. I did no animal and super low fat (1 avocado a day, fist lunch later just diner and some almondbutter, 1 spoon). I already lost weight which is not good while Im underweighted!
        LAst saturday I started the cleans
        Day 1-3 I did the HDM smoothie (like the 5 weeks before) and than lunch with sweet potato and raw veggies, for diner on day 1, small avocado. Day 2 I had 1 spoon of almondbutter as only fat and day three was fatfree. Diner the same as lunch. Fruit in the evening and afternoon.

        Its hard because I need more calories and protein and fats are also essential.
        Day 4-6 are more difficult because of the hunger and I already take so much fructose (1.5 kilo or more fruit per day)…I learned that low fructose is better for your liver and liver is part of the problem. But…how can I go back to my previous food because the combination of fruit and fat seems not good?
        Now Im still hungry and ate quite a lot I think?

        Tomorrow sweet pototato so thats nice. Now Im trying to figure out how much melon and other stuff (very expensive this diet) I need for day 9.
        I notice that all the sweet things are not my thing.

        I have no symptoms… yes cold and tired but thats because of my weight and because I dont sleep on this protocol (because of hunger). It feels like my liver wont let go…
        So many regrets…

        Wish I could think differen (a la Joe Dispenza for example)


      2. ps.
        For monday (day 10) I guess taking the HDM smoothie (for a week or something?) and then the first day salad for lunch and probably diner (or spinachsoup)
        Day 11 I guess sweet potato for lunch and diner (with other veggies)
        For day 12 probably adding soms avocado for diner and then slowly increase fats and build of fruit?? But what can I take instead for calories……

        1. Hi Maartje, I hope you’re feeling better as you come off the cleanse. Unfortunately, it’s beyond my scope of practice to advise you regarding the types of foods to eat for your specific condition. Have you considered going to a nutritionist or alternative medicine/holistic practitioner? I think that might really be helpful for your situation. Sending you positive vibes for good health & happiness in the new year!

  21. Has anyone gotten worse during the 369 cleanse?

    I did it once to see if it would help my psoriasis around my lip area, and that first time, it really helped! Then after a week, it came back to be as bad as before I started. So I decided to do the 369 cleanse again. I was getting better by day 3, but then it started getting worse again days 4 onwards. I’m on day 9 today and I feel so bad that I stopped the cleanse. I fear maybe my liver is releasing too much dermatoxin at once? Not sure.

    The book says it’s important to not be too aggressive with the cleanse, hence the schedule. I’m following the schedule just like I did the first time, so I’m not sure why this time my symptoms have become so bad (worse than it’s ever been). Any insights on my situation would be super appreciated!

    1. Hi Alex,

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience! It does sound like your body might be a little overwhelmed by the toxin release, but honestly this isn’t something I’ve had experience with. Have you tried checking the Medical Medium’s site? I wish I could be of more help. Best of luck — I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  22. For the 6’s and 9’s, it says only eat salads for lunch and dinner, but in the recipe section you can eat gluten free pasta with tomato sauce. So my question is: can you eat only the liver rescue salad for the lunch and dinner for the last 6 days of the cleanse, or can you substitute other recipes found in the book?
    Thanks and I really appreciate all your advice

    1. Hi Mike! For The 6 and The 9, you’ll want to eat EXACTLY what he outlines in the meal plan. So, those recipes in the book are really only meant for the first 3 days, or for after the cleanse. Hope that helps. Good luck with the Liver Rescue! 🙂

  23. bonjour ! instead of following his 369 meal plans, can I just eat raw foods or steam veggies?! like for lunch, I sautéed onion, potato, carrot, pepper, garlic in saucepan with tomato on the side? also, do you know if we can eat pickles??

    I’m on day 3 &have horrible eczema, but it already seems to be clearly up !!? thanks !

    1. Hi Holly! I think it’s important to follow it exactly as he lays it out in the book so that you get optimal results. He picked foods that are highly nourishing for the liver, and they’re combined in a specific way to prepare your body to detoxify. But, what you described sounds like a great plan to follow after the cleanse to keep it healthy! As for pickles, you definitely can’t eat them after Day 3, and he says that vinegar is hard on your liver so I’d eat them in moderation after the cleanse (which is a bummer because I really love pickles!). I hope this helped. Good luck with the cleanse!!

  24. Thank you for sharing your experience with the 369 cleanse. I’m getting ready to start tomorrow and I’m preparing myself today, mentally and stocking my fridge.
    I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater, for the most part. 😉 But the psoriasis on my neck has gotten worst and the brain fog. I’ll let you know how I feel on the up side!
    P.S. I will miss my wine, avocados and nuts! ❤️

    1. Hi Ann, it’s nice to hear from you and good luck with the cleanse!! I hope it helps with the symptoms you’re having. I hear you on the wine, avocado, and nuts — I really missed them, too! Feel free to touch base if you need any support along the way. I’d love to hear how it goes for you — please check in at the end and let me know! 🙂

      1. Hi Valerie,
        I’m on Day 5 and I’m tired of salads!!! And I’ve eaten salads for lunch every day, like forever. I’m so over them! 🙂 I keep reminding myself how happy I’m making my liver and how good I’ll feel afterwards.
        I was extremely tired today and feeling a little irritable. And I had an upset stomach. Too much roughage I guess.
        Looking forward to Day 6 and knowing after that I’m in the home stretch! Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us. It definitely has helped me on my journey!

        1. Way to go, Ann! You’re almost there!! I hear you on the salads. I was so happy to eat that last salad, LOL. The final 3 days were actually my favorite, so I think you’ll find this last phase more tolerable. Hang in there — you’ve got this! 🙂

  25. hello,

    Thank you for the useful post but unfortunately I bought the liver rescue book last week and I couldn’t start the 369 cleanse as I’m having difficulties buying all the ingredients in my country. We don’t have frozen wild blue berries I’m not sure if I can substitute it for normal blue berries, also Brussels sprouts aren’t in season at the moment. Also another problem is I cant think of something that is within the guidelines to start the first three days of the cleanse. I don’t know what can I eat in the morning as breakfast if I can’t eat avocado and gluten. I was thinking of chia seeds with coconut milk but i guess this isn’t allowed as well. As you said we need to plan it really well ahead of time but also I cant get my head together and plan it and start it. I don’t mind the second three days (the 6) because it says what we need to eat and drink exactly. So please can you share with me what can i eat in the first three days exactly.


    1. Hi Salama,

      So sorry you’re having these challenges with getting started — I can imagine how frustrating that is! I’ll do my best to help, but I want to start by saying that I’m not an expert on the Liver Rescue 3:6:9. I did it once myself and wanted to share my experience and some tools to help other people, since I know it can be a little confusing.

      That said, I have a few suggestions for you. First, regarding the blueberries — I checked the book and it says you can substitute regular blueberries. So that’s an easy fix! You can also substitute blackberries or cherries. Another option is to use powdered wild blueberries. If you have access to Amazon, you can find it there.

      As for Brussels sprouts, the only option I can find in the book is to use frozen instead of fresh. Do you have access to frozen? I couldn’t find reference to any other substitutions. If you can’t find frozen Brussels sprouts, maybe just eat extra asparagus?

      For breakfast, one easy option is fruit. You can eat any fruits (and as much as you want) and stay within the Liver Rescue Morning guidelines. Another option is to have the Liver Rescue smoothie for breakfast those first 3 days (just be sure to buy enough ingredients for 3 extra days). You could also make a smoothie and substitute plain water or coconut water for milk or nut milk. If there are any fats in the smoothie (like chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc.), just leave those out. That’s what I did my first 3 mornings.

      For lunch and dinner, just be sure to avoid the items he mentions (they’re at the bottom of the chart for The 3 on page 342). You’re supposed to avoid fats at lunch, but you can have some at dinner. You might try some of the recipes he includes in the Liver Rescue book.

      I hope that helps! Feel free to reach out with any other questions. Wishing you good luck on your cleanse — I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

      1. Thank you so much this reply is very very helpful I will start planning my cleanse and I will start it on Thursday. I have normal blue berries just the Brussels sprouts will check them again in the frozen section. Cant wait to start the cleanse you have gave me a big push and helped out with my confession. It’s hard to start a cleanse and you don’t know anyone around you who is doing the cleanse to ask them about it out share your feelings. As I don’t have time to read the book I have young children so they are taking over all my time. Will keep you updated when I start the cleanse.

        1. I’m so glad I was able to help. Good luck with the cleanse! I’m sending positive vibes your way and will look forward to hearing how it goes. 🙂

  26. Hi! Great information, thank you. I am about to start, got a juicer, understand the AM protocol and apples and dates, but am not sure what Meal of your choice means for lunchtime and dinnertime. Does it mean the recipes in the book? I thought those were general recipes, not specific to the cleanse. If I’m going to spend nine days doing this, I want to be sure I’m getting the full benefit!

    Again, reading your article was so helpful! TY

    1. Hi Joan, I’m so glad you found the post helpful! I totally understand about wanting to get the most from the cleanse when you’re committing 9 whole days to it — I felt the same way! Great question about the meals . . . I find the book can be confusing in places. I’m no expert, but my understanding from the book is that lunch and dinner on Days 1-3 are on your own and you don’t have to use recipes from the book (though you certainly could). However, he’s given guidelines that you should follow when choosing what to eat for those meals. When I did it, I used my own recipes, but made sure what I ate followed the guidelines. In my book (I have the hardcover edition), the guidelines are on page 344 — look for a paragraph starting with “Now let’s cover the overall guidelines of The 3.” If you have a different version, to help you find it, it’s in the section between the charts for The 3 and The 6. I hope this helps! Feel free to come back with more questions or shoot me an email. Sending you good luck wishes and a big pat on the back for doing this — you’re gonna feel amazing when it’s over! 🙂