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Ideas for living in flow with the Fall energy

Autumn is here! Get ideas and inspiration for living in alignment with the energy of the Fall season for more flow and harmony in your life!

Today is the Autumn Equinox (here in the Northern Hemisphere), aka the first day of Fall! We’re not seeing many signs of Fall here yet in Orlando, but I did see way more squirrels than usual on my walk this morning (including the cutest baby squirrel!). They were eating and gathering acorns, and clearly knew that Autumn is here and we’re one step closer to Winter.

I walk most mornings before I start my day, and this morning felt extra calm, peaceful, and still, which felt very fitting for the first morning of Fall.

Each season has its own distinct vibe, and part of my intentional living journey is learning to live more in alignment with each season’s unique energy.

As we transition from Summer to Autumn, the energy shifts inward and becomes more introspective. It’s a great time for reflection.

Autumn is a time to “harvest” the projects you’ve been working on, review and celebrate what you’ve accomplished through all your hard work, and give thanks for all your blessings.

It’s a time to let go of things that aren’t serving you, so you can make room for new gifts and opportunities.

And it’s a time to prepare for the coming Winter season, so that you can make the most of Winter’s quiet and solitude. Winter is the self care season! (at least as far as I’m concerned)

On the Fall Equinox, the earth is in balance and the daytime and nighttime are roughly equal. Starting tomorrow, the nights will become longer than the days. This time of perfect balance feels like a message to create more balance in our lives. This is definitely something I’ll be working on this season.

I’m pretty new to this concept of living in alignment with the seasons. So, I’m still figuring out how to work with these seasonal energies in my life and in my business.

On a personal level, I’ll probably spend a lot more time journaling and reflecting on how I’ve grown and changed since last Fall, and what that evolution will look like going forward.

It also feels like a time to get things at home in order, and do some releasing (aka decluttering) of things we no longer need.

And I’ll probably be doing a lot more nesting and getting cozy in the coming weeks — even though it’s still in the 80’s (and sometimes 90’s) here in sunny Florida! (But it was 69 degrees here this morning, which was wonderful!)

Professionally, I’ll likely spend less time on outward things for my business, like making connections and pitching proposals, and more time looking inward at my business. I’ll focus on getting things in order, like my systems, work flows, content creation, and preparing for tax season (ugh).

There will be less focus on gaining new clients, and more focus on how I can make the experience of my current clients even better.

Since Fall energy is shifting inward (as opposed to the outward energy of Summer), it also feels like a really good time for learning and improving my skills — both professionally and personally. I’m a learning junkie (and kind of a nerd), so this is something I’m really looking forward to!

So, those are some of the ways I’ll be working in alignment with the energy of the Autumn season in my personal and professional lives.

To recap, here are some ideas for aligning with the Fall energy for more flow and harmony.

ideas for using fall’s energy for personal growth & living intentionally

  1. Make time for self reflection. Journaling, using Tarot and Oracle cards or Runes, meditating, spending time alone, and going for walks (especially in nature) are a few great ways to do this.
  2. Explore where you need more balance in your life, and find new ways to create that balance.
  3. Declutter your home and let go of things that are no longer serving you or bringing you joy.
  4. Examine the internal systems of your business or work — what’s working and what’s not, are there procedures or work flows you could improve or maybe get rid of altogether?
  5. Use this time to go deeper with some of your skills.
  6. Get cozy!

final thoughts

I love how living more in alignment & harmony with the seasons and their unique energies gives my life this natural feeling of flow (both personally & professionally).

It makes sense, since we humans, just like all the other animals and plants, are designed to live with the natural energetic flow of earth’s seasons. It’s only really been since electricity was invented that we’ve been able to live and work outside that natural rhythm.

What about you? Have you made shifts in your life to live more in alignment with the seasons? If so, I’d love to know what that looks like for YOU. Please comment below and let us know!

And if this isn’t something you’ve tried, are you open to exploring it? If you are, I encourage you to try one or two of the ideas I mentioned above, or whatever you come up with that feels right for you.

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