encouragement for aspiring girl bosses

A Word of Encouragement for Aspiring Girl Bosses

This post started as a journal entry back in May when I first left my job — I’m sharing it now in the hopes that it gives encouragement for aspiring girl bosses who might be feeling scared or discouraged to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams. If that’s you, read on!

It’s Monday morning and I’m having a bizarre experience.

I’m not checking the time on my iphone to see how many minutes I have left before I absolutely HAVE to get up and get ready for work.

I’m not rushing around like a tornado (as my husband describes it) getting dressed and trying to find my other shoe while wolfing down a smoothie and throwing my lunch in my lunchbag.

I’m not pleading with the Universe to pleeease let every traffic light be green so that maybe I can make the 8:58 train (I’ll still be late, but at least not as late as I will be if I miss that train!).

And I’m not filled with dread about what’s ahead for the next eight hours.

Instead I’m sitting here drinking my cup of jasmine green tea in my pink elephant mug with Pinot (my cat) snuggled up in my lap. I’m feeling peaceful, elated, super blessed, and a little in awe all at the same time.

That’s because today is my first Monday since quitting my job (except for last Monday, which I’m not counting because I was waist-deep in boxes and packing paper).

Today is the day that I go from being a girl with a full-time job, a side hustle (two, actually), and big entrepreneurial dreams, to being a self-employed solopreneur.

As of today, I’m officially a Girl Boss!

And if I’m being honest, it’s a little scary to say that outloud (so to speak) to the world.

Because . . . what if I fail? . . . what if I disappoint my husband (and myself)? . . . what if having more time to devote to my business does not in fact equate to more income, and I never make more than the fraction of my job income that I make with my side hustle? . . . what if I can never afford to buy myself a pair of cute shoes or pretty office supplies ever again??

So those things are rattling around in my head and pop up on occasion. But I know it’s just fear talking and that it’s normal to feel some self-doubt when making a big change like this.

But what I know EVEN MORE is this . . . life is too short to settle. And I settled for way too long, working in jobs I didn’t enjoy, with roles that played to my weaknesses instead of my strengths, and with someone else controlling my time.

We were meant for better things!

A word of encouragement for aspiring girl bosses

If you’re an aspiring girl boss or have ever wished you could leave your job and branch out on your own — please don’t let fear and self-doubt stop you. I let it stop me for way too long.

And admittedly I’m super fortunate to have a husband who’s been so supportive of this dream of mine (thanks babes!) and willing to take a chance on me, as well as make some sacrifices in the short-term while I grow my business.

But please don’t think that you can only start your own business and work for yourself if you have a second income from a significant other.

That definitely makes it less risky, but there are SO many awesome women out there who have built their businesses from scratch with no income from a partner to fall back on.

These are the women to truly be inspired by, so please, please don’t tell yourself the story that you can’t start your own business if you’re single and on your own (or you’re too old or too young or fill in the blank…).

Other women with similar challenges have done it, and SO CAN YOU!

Know your “Why”

Your “why” is the powerful reason you want to pursue being your own boss (or whatever dream you might have). It’s so important because it will give you the motivation and determination you need when it gets hard (and it will).

Behind every good “why” there’s usually powerful emotion driving it.

My why came in the form of a family tragedy.

I had just moved to Dallas with my then-boyfriend (now-husband) after he accepted a job offer there. I was in the process of job searching when my stepdad died very suddenly and unexpectedly.

He was the love of my mom’s life and she was devastated. I rushed to be with her immediately and spent the next month doing whatever small thing I could to help and comfort her during the darkest time of her life.

I’m very happy to say that my mom has since found peace and has been able to create a new and happy life for herself, but I learned a profound lesson from this experience.

It was by the grace of the Universe that I happened to be unemployed when this happened.

Otherwise, I never would have been able to take a whole month to be with her, and the thought of not being by her side to help her navigate those first few weeks is so painful and horrible to think about.

I do not EVER want to be in a position where I’m unable to take time (however much it takes) for a loved one in need.

I debated on whether to share something so personal and painful here (and definitely shed some tears as I was writing it), but I decided to do it because it was such a powerful lesson and pivotal period for me.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to branch out on your own and my story gives you the courage and inspiration to do it, then it was worth it.

You can do it!

It’s taken me a few years and a lot of failed starts to get here (and there will surely be more ups and downs and mistakes made moving forward), but I made it.

And I KNOW that you will, too. Whatever your circumstances, your age, your challenges or obstacles, and no matter how impossible it may seem at times, you CAN do it.

How do I know this?

Well for starters, you’re reading my blog, so you’re obviously really awesome and super smart! 🙂

But even more than that, I believe that the Universe wants us to be happy and successful. And if you can just hold on to your faith in this and take steps every day (even though sometimes they’ll be the wrong steps), the Universe will support you and give you the things you need to make it happen.

And last, you’re a woman, so . . . #GIRLPOWER! We women are so much stronger and more capable than we even realize. And that means YOU are more strong and capable than you know.

Just remember, whatever your Girl Boss dream may be, there’s at least one other awesome woman out there who’s already achieved it. And if she can do it, so can you!

You can always find encouragement in that.

Once I learned how to shift my mindset from being jealous of these women to being inspired by them, everything changed and it gave me a huge boost of confidence.

So when you find yourself in times of doubt (and believe me, these times will come on your girl boss journey), think of that woman who has gone before you and say —

She did it, and so can I!

What’s holding you back?

What are the fears or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from going after your entrepreneurial dreams, or that have you feeling stuck on your girl boss journey?

Please comment below and let me know — sometimes it helps just to put it out there!

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  1. Hi Valerie!

    I love this post. I look forward to one day being able to quit my job and be a full-time blogger/girl boss. So much so that I think it almost hinders my progress.

    Rather than “living in the now” I imagine what my future will look like, which sometimes brings along self-doubt. I’m currently working on a personal development course and I keep doubting I can finish on time and deliver great content. But I know I’ve just got to trust the process!

    This post was inspiring and congrats on becoming self-employed! 🙂

    1. Hi Leila! It makes me SO happy that you found some inspiration in this post. Thanks for letting me know, and I totally know where you’re coming from with being so focused on the future, because I experienced that too. Best of luck with your entrepreneurial journey — I KNOW you’ll make it happen! PS — My latest post is all about how to survive your day job while you’re building a business on the side, so you might want to check it out, too. 🙂