9 Fun Treats for a Stressful Day

9 fun treats for a stressful day that don’t involve food

“It’s been a tough day . . . I deserve a cupcake!” (or ice cream, or a latte, or pizza!)

Have you ever said this to yourself?  Me too!  (more times than I’d like to admit….)

It’s human nature to want to comfort ourselves when we’re stressed.  And let’s be honest . . . there’s a lot of stress and frustration going on when it comes to wedding planning!
Food is a popular choice for showing ourselves some love, but when you’ve got a wedding dress to fit into, those sweet, fried, and heavy treats are not your friend.  So what’s a bride to do?

The trick is to come up with some non-food treats that are readily available when you’re feeling the stress and looking for a little comfort.  They need to be things that are easy to get on a whim (not something you have to order or make a future appointment for — think instant gratification), affordable, and something you can use or enjoy right away.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to treat myself when I’m feeling the stress:

1. New nail polish.  Because what girl doesn’t love to get a new shade of polish?!  The one I’m loving this summer is Infatuated by Formula X.

2. The latest issue of your favorite magazine.  Pick up the new issue of Bride for some wedding inspiration, or catch up on the latest fashion news and celebrity gossip.

3. Watch some guilty pleasure TV.  Bachelorette, anyone?

4. A new workout outfit!  These can be harder to come by, but if you have access to even a Target, you can usually find something cute and functional.  And as an added bonus, it’ll motivate you to work out!

5. Fresh flowers.  Nothing brightens up a room, and a day, like fresh flowers.  And nowadays it’s easy to get beautiful and affordable flowers on the fly at most grocery stores.  If you have a Trader Joe’s in your town, that’s a great place to get really pretty flowers.  I got some gorgeous peonies there (one of my faves!) this week for $6.99.

6. Download a new app.  Okay, apps may not be your jam, but I LOVE apps.  You can find an app for everything these days, and they’re inexpensive (often free) and you can get them instantaneously.  A really cool one I like is Stylebook.  It helps you catalog all your clothes, put together new outfits, and even schedule out your wardrobe in advance, plus I’m pretty sure it has more features I haven’t tapped into yet.  And it’s only $3.99 . . . cheaper than a latte!

7. An at-home facial.  Really relax and wind down by treating yourself to an at-home facial.  There are plenty of products out there you can buy for this, but one of my favorites only requires one ingredient that you probably already have at home — honey.  I learned this natural beauty trick from Amanda Cook at Vintage Amanda.  Just be sure to use pure raw honey.  It will make your skin look and feel divine!

8. A nice candle.  Burning a nice fragrant candle just creates a feeling of coziness and relaxation . . .  perfect after a long hard day.

9. Get yourself a blowout!  I’m not sure what they call this in the U.K., where many of my readers live, so hopefully I didn’t just say something offensive.  😉   A blowout just means a shampoo and style.  It’s one of my MOST favorite things . . . to let someone else do all the work of washing, drying, and styling my hair (especially if you’re hair-styling challenged like yours truly).  Honestly, I’d do this every day and never style my own hair again if I could.  If you’re lucky enough to have a blowout bar like Dry Bar in your city, I encourage you to take advantage of it.  This one’s a little pricier (usually around $40 plus tip), but worth it!

So next time the wedding planning stress hits and you tell yourself you deserve a donut or slice of pizza, show yourself some love with one of these non-food treats instead.  When your wedding day rolls around and your dress is a perfect fit, you’ll be glad you did!  🙂

What are some of your favorite ways to treat yourself that don’t involve bad-for-you food?


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