All-in-one 8-minute plank workout

All-in-One 8-Minute Plank Workout

July has been a month of travel, with back-to-back trips to New York City, Denver, and Houston, and they were all jam-packed!

To keep myself on track with exercise while I’m traveling, I plan short and efficient bodyweight workouts because I’m less likely to blow it off if the workout is really short and I can just roll out of bed and do it in my hotel room.

The workout I’m bringing to you this week is one of those workouts.  It’s less than 8 minutes long, tones your core, upper and lower body, and gives you an intense cardio workout, too!

A few notes before starting the workout:

  • You’ll need a timer (if doing it on your own and not following the video) and a mat (if you’re traveling, you could use a towel or blanket)
  • I highly recommend watching the workout one time before doing it, so that you’re familiar with the moves and can stay with the flow.  I have to admit I didn’t do the best job of cueing (or instructing) on this video . . . I had to record it twice because I positioned the camera wrong the first time and my head was cut out of the entire video.  By the second time around, I was struggling to get through the workout myself!
  • Be sure to warm up before the workout!  This is not a workout you want to do with cold muscles.  If you don’t know how to warm up, a simple way to do it is to do 50 slow jumping jacks.  It gets your heart rate up and works all the major muscle groups.
  • You might want to have some water close by.
  • Perform this workout in front of a mirror if you can, so that you can see your form.  Keeping good form during a plank workout is super important.  You’ll actually see my form slipping a bit towards the end on those last two exercises.
  • Important:  Be sure that you’ve been cleared for this type of workout by your medical provider.  If at any point during the workout you feel nauseous, dizzy, or lightheaded, stop immediately.  

Okay, ready to get started?  The workout consists of 10 plank exercises performed for 30 seconds, with 15-second rest breaks between exercises.


All-in-One 8-minute plank workout

Here’s the video of the workout if you’d rather follow along:

You may think planks are only for working your core, but I think after this workout you’ll see that they’re a great upper body workout, and work the lower body as well (be sure to keep your glutes and leg muscles tight during the plank to get the full benefit).

Have a terrific workout and keep up the good work!  And if you know someone who would benefit from this workout, please share it with them.  🙂

Disclaimer:  Be sure you’ve been cleared by your medical provider for this type of exercise, and LISTEN to your body. If you feel pain during this workout, or feel dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded, stop immediately.  All form of exercise runs the risk of injury, so perform this workout at your own risk.  Neither I, Valerie Roper, nor Valerie Roper Wellness can be held responsible for any injuries that may occur due to your following this workout.  This workout is suggested as a guide only.  



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